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1Inch Exchange - Find Best DEX Marketprice & Liquidity Pools

Published on 13 Aug 2020 / In Other

⁣➜ Trade - https://1inch.exchange/#/r/0xe....17AebeBf7f3e07E1329C
1inch.exchange offers now not only the best prices on the DEX market, it also calculates and respects the transaction gas costs. You can also found different pools for #Ethereum tokens and provide liquidity to them and make yield gains from this.

The idea for the Chi token is based on the original Gastoken GST2 implementation. We saw that there were ways to improve the efficiency with:
- Reducing the smart contract address size by mining a private key with - Profanity address generator, which allowed us to decrease size of the sub smart contracts by 1 byte.
- Using CREATE2 instruction to deploy sub smart contracts for their efficient address discovery during burning process.
- Fixing ERC20 incompatibilities of GST2

How much is Chi better than GST2?
The Chi token is 1% more optimized for minting, and 10% more efficient for burning. The deployment of a Ethereum smart contract requires substantial gas, and it could cost you for example between $5 and $10 per million of gas, while regular smart contract could have size of several millions of gas. But burning Chi tokens in the same transaction would reduce these costs by almost the half. #DEFI #CryptoCurrency
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