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CC189 - ZeroSwap - The Sleeping Jewel for Huge Gain

Published on 19 Feb 2021 / In Other

⁣⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

00:00 Introduction
00:53 Zeroswap on CoinGecko
03:53 Zeroswap main page
06:49 About Zeroswap
07:52 Zeroswap blog
08:35 ZEE token launch
10:49 ZEE token


It is a new project without a working product as we speak, but they have a cool vision. They want to make it possible to transact and interact with DeFi with 0 fees.

I think is an ambitious idea but we need to see it in action with no speculation.

What's covered in this video

I cover all features on the website so you can have a sense of what they want to accomplish.

Check the video right now and enjoy the learning process with me on this vlog.

Last word

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