CC197 - 3Commas Strategy with SmartTrade & Quantify Crypto Website

27 Feb 2021

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00:00 Introduction
01:09 Complete strategy finding bullish coins with Quntify Crypto & 3Commas

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When you cover many things and opportunities, your brain can pop up an idea when you don't expect it. I had an idea to finding bullish coins that you can trade with a service like 3Commas or a platform of your choice.

Maybe a divine force sends this idea for making a profit!

What's covered in this video

I explain the idea of how to finding bullish coins with Quantify Crypto. Then to automate a trade with the feature of SmartTrade where you can set your profit target with a stop loss.

The best part you can win more if you know how to read the chart and predict the pattern. It is not my case at the moment, but is something I want to boost my skill in that area.

Watch the video right now to know more about this idea that you can apply.

Last word

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