CC231 - Decentraland - An Immersive 3D Virtual World

02 Apr 2021

⁣⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

00:00 Introduction
01:35 The main page of Decentraland
04:06 Decentraland marketplace
05:51 Decentraland documentation
06:22 Decentraland events
08:08 Decentraland DAO
13:35 Decentraland blog


You might have heard of Second Lab that still exists today, and people can make money on their platform. Now we have the next wave of the 3D world where you can do almost anything but on the blockchain.

This is just powerful!

Decentraland website

What's covered in this video about Decentraland

You will see in my body language that I enjoyed covering the contents about Decentraland. I love gaming and even better with an immersive world where you can interact with crypto.

I cover mostly all the features of the Decentraland ecosystem.

Please do not forget the popcorn while watching!

Last word

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