CC232 - Chiliz - The King of Tokenized Sports & Entertainment Tokens

03 Apr 2021

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00:00 Introduction
00:40 The main page of Chiliz
07:41 Chiliz exchange
Introduction of Chiliz
Can you imagine the progress the blockchain has made so far! Now with Chiliz, you can tokenize sports and the entertainment industry.
They have an APP that is called Socios, and a trading exchange where you can trade sports tokens!
Chiliz website:

What's covered in this video about Chiliz
Sports are part of human civilization and a lot of folks out there enjoy this niche. Now you can access and trade the token of your favorite team in the Chiliz ecosystem.
Watch the video right now where I explain the advantages and benefits, Socios APP, and their trading exchange.
Please do not forget the popcorn while watching!
Last word
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