CC233 - Aragon - The Ultimate Place For DAOs & Digital Communities

03 Apr 2021

⁣⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:00 Introduction
01:35 The main page of Aragon
03:57 Level-up your community
08:03 Govern, the gold standard of DAOs
10:28 Vocdoni
Introduction of Aragon
Are you someone who wants to implement an organization in a decentralized fashion manner? Aragon is the place to create your DAO and bring your digital community there.
I think is ****y to govern with a DAO!
Aragon website:

What's covered in this video about Aragon
We have an evolution on how to manage an organization with Aragon. Everything is decentralized and you can manage the whole thing with Aragon for your digital community.
I cover mostly all the features of the Aragon ecosystem.
Please do not forget the popcorn while watching!
Last word
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