CC236 - Rally - Create Your Crypto Community Coin

06 Apr 2021

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00:00 Introduction
00:53 The main page of Rally
06:47 Creator coin
09:11 Launch your creator coin
10:33 Rally blog
Introduction of Rally
It is never a dull moment in the crypto sphere, and every day I come across new concepts. Now content creators can create their own community coin for monetizing and engage with their community.
Seem mostly used by content creators on Twitch.TV at the moment.

What's covered in this video about Rally
When you are a content creator is already hard to reach the monetization level to be financially free. Now you can create your own coin with Rally and provide an economic layer to your community.
Watch the video right now to know more about this Rally project.
Please do not forget the popcorn while watching!
Last word
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