Cryptocurrency Resources for Beginners on CoinGecko!!

11 Mar 2021

If you are new to cryptocurrency, it can be hard to know where to start. Whom can you trust, and what websites can you turn to for trusted and valuable information? CoinGecko is a cryptocurrency website that offers many resources that can help whether you are a crypto newbie or a veteran crypto investor. Not Financial Advice #coingecko #crypto #cryptoinvesting

Time Stamps
00:00 Introduction
01:30 Coin Overviews
04:55 Comparing Coins
06:35 Exchange Listings
08:00 APY Estimator
11:23 Research Tools
16:36 Conclusion

Publish0x – Cryptocurrency blogging site

LBRY – Decentralized video hosting$/invite/@ThePartTimeEconomist:6 – Bitcoin Cash focused crypto blogging site

Splinterlands – Online Trading Card Game

Coinbase – For those times when I need to use a centralized exchange.

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