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06 Jul 2021

⁣Get TWT in a couple of steps!

Sign up https://t.me/pptwt_bot?start=0646250967

There is a brand new bot, which pays in TWT tokens for inviting friends and a couple of subscriptions.

I don't think anybody needs to introduce TWT token, it is a cryptocurrency of well-known TrustWallet wallet.

But here everything is as always - the faster you go, the more you gather the cream, so do not hesitate

Go to the bot, join the group and pass the captcha

Registration https://t.me/pptwt_bot?start=0646250967

Click "get TWT" and get the first coins. I was given 0.024 token. You can get tokens once every half hour!

Invite friends and receive for each 0.124 TWT. Minimum withdrawal - 3 TWT.

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