Indonesia's Mt Merapi is on Level 3 alert

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Tube Media Zone
16 Jul 2021

Footage shot 27 January, 2020 by Andi Susanto

Due to Covid 19 I cannot travel, but my Indonesian Volcano chasing colleague Andi is there and in the event of a major eruption video will be uploaded as soon as possible. The photo is real time, the video is file footage.

12 Jan 2021, Eruptive activity has increased at the volcano and is becoming more and more dangerous. This had also been expected from the recent increase in volcanic earthquakes.
During the past 48 hours, the lava dome in the summit crater produced a series of glowing avalanches from its flanks, sign that new magma is arriving into the dome, causing it to grow.
The lava dome's rims are now almost touching the breach in the crater, which means that very soon it could generate very dangerous pyroclastic flows onto the outer slopes of the volcano.

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