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Left Goons Disrespect Babasaheb Ambedkar's Banner at ABVP Stall near Chaityabhoomi

Adamos Man
Published on 06 Dec 2020 / In Film & Animation

ABVP strongly condemns denigration of Babasaheb Ambedkar's banner by left goons on this 60th Mahaparinirvan Din at the ABVP stall assisting lakhs of Ambedkar followers coming down to Chityabhoomi, Dadar, Mumbai.

Like every year ABVP had plied its stall near Chityabhoomi with Free-Snacks and Book Distribution-cum-Selling for devotees, who flocked this pious place to pay their deepest tribute to the author of the India Constitution.

While student volunteers were busy assisting people and distributing books titled 'Buddha aani Karl Marx' and selling 'Babasaheb Uvaach' along with 125th anniversary special edition magazine 'Babasaheb by Panchjanya’, left goons in garb of cultural troupe held street play in front of stall, it is when ABVP karykarta alerted Police of their foul intentions. Miscreants hurled comments on students who kept their calm and with their confidence emboldened left members started putting unfounded accusations regarding contents of the book, to which Aniket Ovhal, Universities’ Convener, ABVP Konkan asked them to lodge formal complaint with police. By this time they started raising slogans to shut down the stall and it was amply clear now that the contents of the book were no issue to them, they wanted to see ABVP STALL SHUT. While the gang was engaging in un-parliamentary language, its lumpens ripped side-cloth of the stall and one of the member stood on the table and pulled and threw on ground the banner with Dr Ambedkar's picture & quote displayed on it.

It was not digestible for the failed left camp to see people's response to the books on Babasaheb criticizing their ideology; it was intolerance coming home for the leftists. Today left sees Babasaheb as mere vote catching agenda and they will not accept like their other 'historical mistakes' of opposing Babasaheb throughout his life.

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