MUST WATCH Altcoins Could Moon if Bitcoin Does This....

Wendy O
Wendy O
04 May 2021

Tonight we talk about the Bitcoin weekly close and see if altcoins are next to pump

Weekly live stream at 6pm pst talking the Bitcoin weekly close and altcoin requests

00:00 - Intro
04:20 - $BTC
11:15 - How to buy ALT coins.
12:25 - $ETH(1)
13:10 - $MATIC
14:50 - $ETH(2)
19:00 - ALT coin season
20:20 - $WISE
20:25 - $BID
23:25 - $DOKI
25:20 - $DRC
27:25 - $CEL
30:30 - $UNI
32:05 - $DASH
33:25 - $VIDT
34:45 - $PSI
37:45 - $CRO
39:15 - $ELA
42:00 - $MANA
42:20 - $GRT
43:15 - $DOGE
46:35 - $VET
47:25 - $LINK
48:20 - $XLM
48:50 - $PHNX
50:35 - $POLS
51:15 - $MKR
51:55 - $EOS
56:10 - $RAMP and $ROOT
57:40 - Outro


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