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Precious & Base Metals and Cryptocurrency Market News - Gold & Bitcoin

Crypto Dog
Published on 23 Nov 2020 / In Film & Animation

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Precious Metals & Base Metals, and Cryptocurrency Market Perspectives, Analysis, and News. There are 4 Main Issues that are Affecting Markets, Crypto things going PARABOLIC! Precious Metals Sentiment waiting for triggers!
Intro - 00:00 Precious Metal Market - 00:43 Base Metals - 04:05
Gold/Silver Charts & Stops - 08:33 Gold Catalysts - 10:30
Dog Sanctuary/Rescue - 13:00 Coinmarketcap Overview - 14:45
Bitcoin Daily Estimated Transaction Value - 17:07 Crypto Fear and Greed Index - 19:49
Statician Willy Woo Recommended - 22:35
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Fundamental Analysis: 3-5 Day
1) Trend Indicator - Network Value to Transactions Ratio (NVT = P/E Ratio), (Less Than 90 Bullish & Greater Than 175 Bearish) (MACD & RSI ish) = 190 -On Bear Watch
2) Trend Indicator - Unique Daily Addresses - (Rising=Bullish, Falling=Bearish, Steady=Neutral) = Bullish – But 1-3 Day is Now Angle Down.
3) Estimate Indicator - Mayer Multiple - Settings - 100, 100 - Less Than .90 & Greater Than 1.75 Threshold), (200 MA = Less Than 1.00 Bullish & Greater Than 2.40 Bearish Settings - Default) = 1.50 Bear Watch
4) Trend Indicator - Daily Est. Transaction Value - (Rising=Bullish, Falling=Bearish, Steady=Neutral) =
- Bullish
5) Trend Indicator - Mining Cost - (Rising=Bullish, Falling=Bearish, Steady=Neutral) = Neutral

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Crypto Dog To The Rescue


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