Quick View of Hex Genius Excel Mastery to Organize 15 yr Staking Ladder Plan | #HEXCrypto

Hex̶ G̛eniưs͞
Hex̶ G̛eniưs͞
03 Nov 2020

⁣It's never been easier to learn quickly about #HEX!

You may download a copy for yourself to edit for your own staking data here :


All you need to do is edit the columns "principal" and "stake day start" and "stake day end". Everything is computed automatically such as your trustless interest and the amount of your BPD Bonus. The charts also update according to the data you put in automatically. You may have to delete some rows if you don't have 250+ stakes like I do. And then may have to adjust some parameters in the chart settings so they display your stakes correctly. Pay keen attention to the tab labeled "SharePriceSimulation". On this tab you can see a model according to the best estimates by developers of HEX on how the SharePrice will appreciate across 15 years.

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