Spectroads VS ADVIEV Battle Of The BAP's. Head To Head. Which Is Better? Deep Dive.

20 Nov 2020

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Adviev - 125% roi on completely passive adpacks or (faster) earn 122% from B.A.P.'s and join the advertiser side of earning
Info page- https://www.cryptomusic.info/adviev

#1 pick = Hyper Fund `` ~ Must fund account in Tether
Hyper Fund Passive Income- https://h5.hypercapital.vip/#/....pages/register/regis

Qubittech- Bots on your account OR Fund To Earn - The choice is yours
Strong platform with loads of real world businesses, transparency, and super solid team.

ImpulseXpassive Earn a verified passive income from pro bot traders -

Bitles has new X-Packs Simple and Profitable 200% roi - loving it
One of my favorites- great transparency, vision, and team

Mind.capital A Very Transparent Trading Company earning apx .9% a day on most days
Famous CEO and great transparency

PGI Global
A ton of real world businesses support this ecosystem including trading activities

CashFX- High reward platform trading forex on your behalf - . Running strong!
Join -https://CryptoMusic.cashfxgroup.com
Info page here- https://www.cryptomusic.info/cashfxgroup

Making Money Ads~Fantastic new platform~ with a proven team
100% Passive Income coupled with the best advertising options (internal and external)


Finalmente - Advertising and Earning re-imagined - apx 1% a day profit!
All Bitcoin all the time - amazing team and business
Global - https://finalmenteglobal.com/ref/CryptoMusic

From Finalmente - F-coin air drop free coin - https://fcoinairdrop.com/?r=zLRAeTI

Mirror Trading International - Multiply your bitcoin with professional trading activity.
Showing ALL trades!
Info page - https://www.cryptomusic.info/mirror-trading-international

8bit LTD Running for over 2 years trusted long term platform with many investment options and instant withdraws.
Growing many types of crypto and stablecoins - https://8bit.ltd/c/register/CryptoMusic

TorqueBot from Torque Trading Systems. Transparent Crypto Passive Income

OnPassive GoFounders - The greatest Passive opportunity of our time is finally launching do not miss your chance to get in on the ground floor. This will be life changing. Join the best team here-

Nothing in this video is financial advice or intended to be.
Take your own risks in life and only invest your gambling money.
Crypto and investing is risky - risks can lead to huge profits. The more we know the better we will do. Please leave a comment if you have something to add.
If you would like to help support the channel please consider using the links if you are going to participate in any of these services. It is greatly and humbly appreciated. Thanks for watching!! If you have any questions please leave a comment or message me directly as I am happy to help. I enjoy it. Happy profiting!

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Jonny Blockchain - Arbitraging trading tools on your accounts

My favorite exchange and wallet is by far CoinEx
long term and stable with the lowest fees for both trading and withdraws. The support is also really good with patient people who care about crypto.
CoinEx- https://www.coinex.com/register?refer_code=u3ygw

Mercatox Exchange - This exchange and wallet is a must for alts, Also has copy trading.


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