Tank T90 Bhishma of the Indian Army powers ground battle power

Adamos Man
Adamos Man
24 Jun 2020

India’s T-90’s have come in various stats of construction and models. The first purchase was in 2001 of the T-90S. 120 were delivered assembled, 90 in semi-assembled kits and 100 un-assembled kits.

These vehicles did not have the Shtora-1 countermeasure suite, but did retain the Kontakt-5 ERA on the turret. The Russian sights were replaced with those from France and the Russian composite armour has been replaced with India’s own Kanchan composite.

These tanks were divided between five to seven regiments of the XXI (Bhopal) and II (Ambala) Strike Corps.

After India’s purchase of the T-90S, in 2006 330 T-90M were licensed for manufacturer in India from local sources, not in kit form from Russia. In 2007 a further 347 un-assembled kits were ordered.

The Kontakt-5 has been replaced with the superior Kaktus ERA. To cope with India’s harsh heat and its effects on tank crews, Israeli firm Kinetics Ltd’s environmental control system’s have been installed.

Changes to the fighting compartment have also been made to accommodate the cooling equipment for new THALES- Catherine-FC thermal imager.

Source: tanknutdave.com/

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