The Hardest Easiest Way To Make Money

Constantino Pistou
Constantino Pistou
11 Nov 2020

⁣Welcome To The Hardest Easiest Way To Make Money

Trading has and always will be the profession that everybody aspires to be successful at. What better industry to be a part of when the prospect of becoming financially independent is on the horizon.

I would be misleading you if I told you that you too can become financially independent in trading by simply taking a course on "How to Trade".

This industry is very cut-throat. There are no prisoners, only stories of loss.

The new generation of traders who come into this game have been sold the idea of what trading can provide for them. You can't escape it. You have probably seen over social media, the profiles of traders with luxury cars, watches, holiday homes. I mean who wouldn't want a piece of that pie?

The purpose behind this video is to introduce new traders, prepare them for what to expect from such an industry, which has probably one of the highest failure rates of people starting to trade and quitting.

The only way you can avoid becoming another contribution to the statistic of 95% of traders who lose, is to focus on your motives to wanting to trade. This then in turn leads to you focusing on your mindset when trading. Something that only a few discuss.

If there is no emphasis on wanting to understand "How the Market" works and you are only concerned with simply making money, you will definitely be humbled by the market.

This is the first installment of the Traders Reality Youtube Course Series.

I hope you enjoy and subscribe to receive more lessons daily.

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